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Typically when we work with Franchises – these are challenges we hear:

  1. Your franchise isn't growing as planned, but you don’t know why.
  2. Franchisees/employees are not “on board” with the franchise branding.
  3. The franchise's image/look and feel is out-of-date with your preferred customer base.
  4. Your core locations work, but you struggle to convert employees or new franchisees to your real branding.
  5. You're not sure how/when to allocate ad fund dollars.
Any of these sound familiar to you?  We're the innovative franchise-branding team with the right tools and talent to get your franchise back on track!

You may have an especially challenging issue not listed above, and would like to know if we can help you through it - by all means,
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We deliver a no "BS" or "Marketing Fluff" approach to Franchise Improvement.

Who Are We?

We are a group of marketing, branding, and design experts who have been working with small to medium franchises for 15 years.

Our business started out helping clients develop better graphics, better signage, better websites, and better ad planning. However, we figured out early on that not ALL problems can be fixed with “better graphics” and “more advertising." So, we started to do more and more research and franchise introspection to identify where the real problems were and what was causing them.

We Can Help You:
  • ReBrand Your Franchises
  • Work Through Naming Issues
  • Create Docs and info to get Your Franchisees "on brand"
  • Update Your Logos
  • Help You Understand More About Your Brand
  • Mystery Shop the Franchise - and tell you what is really going on
  • Revamp Your Website - Plan and Design
  • Build Trade Show Displays and Materials (and what you should be doing after the show) to attract Franchisees
  • Develop and Compose Franchise Branding Statements - so your franchise will grow faster and smarter
  • Work with Your Internal Team to Get You “ON Brand” -  then slowly hand the reins to them
  • Rethink Location Design and Flow
  • Make Better Use of Your Packaging
  • Give You Honest Feedback Without Marketing Fluff
  • Plan Optimum Use of Your Ad Fund
We're ready to help you, and we work best with owners and teams that are excited about their franchise. We mostly work with franchises that are business-to-consumer and have as few as 20 locations or as many as 300, that are working to get more-that's where we come in!

Need a creative team to build a new Franchise-Ready concept from scratch? We have the necessary experience and know-how to create something special. We've done it many times before, and we can do it again-for YOU!

Not ALL problems can be fixed with “better graphics” and “more advertising.”

How We Do What We Do

In 2008, we created a diagnostic as part of our extensive Brand Base Audit for multi-location companies. It allows us to review the “Rock Star Locations” and compare them to their underperforming siblings in order to accurately diagnose where underlying problems are occurring at the store level. With this information, we then work with the franchisor or owners to make the improvements or changes necessary for company-wide success.
  • Research ( several different methods of hands-on research, depending on what the situation calls for )
  • Investigation ( figuring out where the real problems are hiding )
  • Documentation ( taking organized notes on what is really going on and what needs to be implemented for future success )
  • Explaining Our Findings (in a way that makes sense )
  • Getting You "On-Brand" ( working with the owner to get the franchise “in order” and "on track" to make the branding clean and consistent across the board )
  • Providing a Road Map ( supplying a thorough branding and marketing plan and helping with implementation when needed )

What We’re Not

We are not an ad agency.

We are not “yes-men."

We are not the team you call if you want things to stay the same.


Why We Love What We Do

We are passionate about helping our clients build the kind of business they want. We love to help them become more successful in a way that is fun, exciting, and unique. We desire to innovate, explore possibilities, help stretch great ideas to make them even better, and make our client visible and successful in a chaotic, marketing-driven society. We enjoy experiencing a franchiser's excitement when their brand is "ON" in every sense of the word!


Are We Right For You?

If you are a franchise owner who is “involved" in your company – you’re ready to grow, you're are excited about your company's opportunities and ecstatic about the idea of growth, then we are the company for you.


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We have helped small franchises make big improvements (such as taking 15 different logos and boiling them down to the company's true "identity", then building that consistency out across all locations). Through extensive research, planning, and content development, we have helped larger franchises build their Internal and Franchise Branding Statements, which allowed them to grow faster.

Whether your needs are BIG or small, we can help you, too!  Call and give us the scoop on your Franchise or Multi-Location today:

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